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Hello and a big welcome

to everyone new to diaspora*

We're so pleased that you've decided to give diaspora* a try. It's fantastic that you've joined us!

We hope that you quickly find your way here, and enjoy getting connected with people and content.

Here's a few tips for getting started:
  • There are some step-by-step tutorials on our project website covering the basics of how diaspora* works, and how to get connected with people. There's a link to these in the side-bar, should you ever want to read them in future, and there's also an in-app Help section you can access through your user menu (at the right-hand end of the header bar).
  • You can search for people by name or by diaspora* ID (which looks like an email address), if you know it, from the search field in the header bar. You can invite people to join you in diaspora* by sending them a link to our project website, from where the
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That’s awesome!!
Great stuff

Spanisch comunity uses basically #hola for newhere anouncements.

nice email validation

How do i find in which pod my account resides? I am trying to log into the app.

@cristian click on your own name and you will see:
The 2nd part, behind the @ sign, is the pod you have joined:

It is the pod where you signed up for diaspora.. .

Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #affiliate-marketing, #digital-marketers, and #online-marketing. I hope to meet some new awesome friends.

In the words of Mr. Hanky, "HIIIIIII-DI-HOOOO!!!"

Hi-diddly-Ho, neighboreenies!

hello from Brunswick in Germany 😀

hi.glad to be aboard!

Unfortunately, lost my old account. I was known on my old account as So I started a new account

Hello there.

I like the idea behind diaspora*. Looking forward to meeting awesome new people.


Consider making public #newhere post with a little introduction and you'll meet them in no time 😀

Well, that's the first thing that came to my mind! 😀

Is it public? I am not sure, I think I selected the Public aspect. yep, it is public, it appears on your public stream. Perhaps your pod is a little secluded. Posts in Diaspora propagate between pods which have existing connections (users following each other).

This can be easily by following some people yourself 😀 Just go to Public stream and follow a bunch of people you might find interesting. You can always unfollow them later and following someone isn't obligation to follow back so it is no big deal.

Also subscribe to tags that interest you! Again if one gets spammy you can unsubscribe from it anytime.

Thanks for the guide! 😀

heydihey ! thanks for this , my new space home.. feels special and good .

Thanks for the heads up 😀 Looking for more wings to expand my writings on 😀

The peeps over at #checkin are a lively bunch. See you there~! 😉