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Dezentrale soziale Netzwerke – Wer kann mit wem?


#Facebook kommt aus dem #Datenschutz #Skandal nicht mehr raus. Für einige Leute wird es Zeit Facebook den Rücken zu kehren.

Hier eine Tabelle der dezentralen Sozialen #Netzwerke und welche sich untereinander verstehen. Solltet ihr #Friendica ausprobieren wollen kann ich meine Instanz auf empfehlen.

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I don't read your language, but it seems something is wrong with your chart or data when the top left to bottom right diagonal isn't filled with green "x".

Perhaps the colours represent a protocol. And the X means can {a,b} pairs can communicate with that protocol.

@zoowar the colors are indicating the possibility to connect to every other social network. As you can see the diagonal is filled with X, but only those Xs are green, when there is an "all-network" social network involved.

@hoergen But Diaspora to itself should also be green?

No, it should only have an yellow X. If it should be green it shoult support for example talking to Mastodon, Pleroma and GNUsocial (protocol OStatus/AcitiviyPub. That's why it is yellow.
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@zoowar yes your right

@boneidol The different shades do not mean anything, it's just for better visualization.

For better understanding of the colors here is a more protocol focused picture, only those networks, that speak the same protocols are able to talk to each other.

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