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Soon I will have my 5 years # anniversary, my server seems to be running since at least "2015-06-15", according to the profile signup date. So it will be 5 years on #, which I signed up to to get rid of #, which I did get rid of about 2 years ago, after when they asked me to confirm the new data protection regulation when the # was implemented. I wasn't even able to sign in without that and the only option was "delete my account", so I did that with about 100 unread notifications (didn't log in for a few weeks).

How long are you here?
Uuh, let's see:Gosh, I'm old 😉 probably not that old compared with me... I just never had the urge to use a non central commercial social network. Actually MySpace and Facebook were fun in the early time. MySpace... That is a long time ago, I think there was some other German social network kind of thing before, more kind of a forum to goof arround... Forgot the name. not sure... Delete the account and never use it again? 😁
uhh ... congratulation to this "milestone" 🎉
Wrong alarm 😛