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@Matthias Pfefferle some time ago I asked if the # ActivityPub plugin works with Wordpress Networks. It kind of does, but the settings of the plugin seem to be shared between the different Websites. Are theses settings the same for a unique user, or is there only one setting for the plugin for all Websites in one installation?

If you run the same Wordpress installation on and you can activate the AP plugin for the whole Wordpress network, the settings can be found in each Dashboard for each Website.

So the plugin can only be activated for all domains or paths (like and, not individual ones?

I have @utzer, but there should also be @utzer, which is the same username, but for different Websites of the same Wordpress installation.

Was there any change on that topic? Would it help if I submit an issue on Github or so?
No updates yet, sorry! A GitHub issue would help, sure! Makes planning easier!
@Matthias Pfefferle OK, let's see when I have the next procrastination phase.

Thanks for the reply. I read the change log, but wanted to make sure I didn't miss/confuse it.