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I am considering to get a new # in the #, some place close to #, I have a # server at the moment and will most likely get one again. Thinking about a EX52-NVMe, a AX51-NVMe or a EX62-NVMe.

Any suggestion about another hoster to consider?

I need:
+ 64GB RAM
+ 700 GB SSD
+ #

Thanks for any information, special prices, alternatives that might be better than Hetzner value money wise.
I have a server from netcup
@Carsten 🚀✨ I quickly checked on, but it seems they only offer 2xxGB SSD and additional SAS, not I wonder what a SAS is in that case and what the speed it for that? Also why can't I get 1 TB SSD?
pleroma doesnt need that much
@igel # needs about 20 GB for my personal instance, but it is setup very poorly (DB wise from my side) but I have many other services running on the machine.
Aruba might cover you, as well (they're a sublet)

Dunno what prices there are, tho.
I evaluated a couple alternatives to Hetzner but didn't find a viable alternative.
Check Scaleway and OVH for comparison. I'm very happy with scaleway myself.
Never tried them, but netcup seem to have good plans.
now Hetzner can not deliver new servers because of # Virus. :-(
Does it infect their network ? :thaenkin:
@butterflyoffire well I guess the answer is their supply of servers is halted because of Chinese Newyear and now because of Corona, no stock, jit, no product to sell anymore.
My mail host on Hetzner ist still alive. 😲