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I have a # installation and want to perform a #, which works fine so far.

New ,I want to take a # # of /, which is no problem as well. But then it gets a bit tricky, I wanna do the backup of that snapshot, which is mounted in /snapshot and would like to have # # only see the /snapshot as the file systems root. The system ist # # and I wonder if I could just issue a

chroot /snapshot sh -c "cd ~;"

and have all paths in the backup patterns starting as if /snapshot was the root of the file system?

Any ideas?

Is there an easier solution like telling borg backup that /snapshot is its root or so?

chilcreek reshared this.


cd /snapshot
borg create ... repo::archive .

And: *always* use /snapshot as directory name.
@Thomas Waldmann yes, was somehow looking for a solution to not have /snapshot in the backup repo, but I guess I have to live with that prepended path in the backup. Maybe it is not important to get rid of that.
my suggestion solves that.
@Thomas Waldmann not here, I tried that already, well I tried that with the existing repo and don't see that creating a new one could change it.
I am pretty sure that works.

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