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Any tips on which # # to use in # for data connection? Good coverage, big packages I need 100GB a month, fast 4G....
one month or a regular service? I don't have any specific recommendation for a regular service. I see that for 40₪/month you can get one.

Coverage: there are basically three physical networks (Pelephone, Cellcomm and Partner). All others ride on those. There's decent 3G and 4G coverage just about everywhere (or: at least: in the more populated areas). Each network has its small holes in slightly more remote areas, but generally it is not an issue.

I don't have good data on bandwidth and latency of different providers in different places.
@tzafrir it seems many like 019, there seems to be a shop right after customs in the airport. For other countries it is usually easy to find out which mobile phone provider is good for mobile data usage, but for Israel there is no information available. For other countries you can find rankings for speed and coverage, but I didn't find any for Israel.
I did a search again, there is a nice list here to see the prices for mobile sim cards in Israel.