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I do and send out text only.
@alsternerd 🤷🏼‍♀️ mee too and it fucks up the email threads and I regulary get a reply in HTML again with colored text "see my comment in red" or so.
I get a lot of inline images and these get dumped a lot in Outlook (Outlook is good with fancy enhancements and crashing, but not mail)
I try to use text/plain e-mails wherever possible, but I'm one of the very few people in our environment doing so. While I agree with the idea of using text/plain, I can't help noticing or agreeing with the point of view that, in 2020, you don't want to think twice anymore about being able to make text bold or highlighted in a message or place a screenshot in a support request in the "right" position embedded in the text. text/plain pretty much fails to live up to these expectations.
Plain Text Emails have a hard line break. How ugly is this, if your Client has a different window width? Also no encoding is stored in the content, it may be available in the mails metadata (or not). No pictures, ugly urls, no colors.

I could live without some of these. If you would ask me, best thing would be to use Markdown format. Are there supporting email clients?
@mad @z428 and then what, you'll ask the major players to put markdown in there email clients?
E-Mails look totally different based on the receiving email client, embedded and formatted information can even get lost (not shown or not visible for receiver), so I try to use text mostly and attache pictures or other and referrer to them in the text.
@z428 @mad
Hmmm, well: I don't see these issues that often anymore to be honest. Using Evolution and Thunderbird on my machine, and then and now Google and Office 365 web access for professional purposes, I found that most of the mails I am sending / receiving actually look pretty much the same in all those. It used to be different, and there still are edge cases especially in CSS-heavy messages, but ages ahead of how these things used to be just a couple of years ago.

Encoding should be stored within the headers of the individual body parts or the mail itself. The rest, however, indeed isn't. I'm really fed-up with HTML messages for many more or less obvious reasons, yet there seems no better option these days. Markdown or textile or something like that would be great, but I don't know any mail clients supporting this, especially when it comes to editing. 😐

@z428 HTML? Which HTML do you mean, the Outlook HTML or the Thunderbird HTML?
@z428 yes, there should be some formatting available, but all the involved parties failed to agree on one formatting set to use.
Therefore it is better to not use it, at least if emails leave the organization, because then it gets ugly on other versions of email clients.
Being devils advocate for a moment, I'm tempted to say: But a large majority of people essentially *did* agree upon one formatting set to use: HTML. Which seems the default for Google Mail, Apple Mail, Microsoft Office 365 and most of the other popular mail providers these days. And looking at it from the other side, things getting ugly because mail clients not supporting this approach very well at least in my environment seems a problem limited to a small crowd of people with some ...
... technical background that are picky about the tools they use, for whichever reason. Ever since at least "new" versions of Thunderbird, I haven't really seen an "end-user targeted" mail client that has issues with displaying HTML mail correctly out of the box. It works. With obvious painful drawbacks (such as loading external content), where I would have preferred a more sane technical design, not even talking about MIME in general. 😁️
@z428 I use Thunderbird, Outlook 2016/2019 and Lotus Notes, I see that it is sometimes working, sometimes not. Formatted text is a problem and inline pictures too, I struggled with this when people used several inline images in an email, just referring to them in the text with see the pictures below.

Well, usually it does not cause big problems, I can mostly anticipate and seems was correct in the past. 😁
You'll love AMP email then (sarcasm)