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Can someone tell me how I can avoid that my laptop goes to sleep in #Linux #Mint, when I close the lid? I did do the setting accordingly in the Mint settings, but still it does go to sleep when I close the lip.
I actually want to to go to sleep when running on battery and stay running when the power supply is connected. The settings permit this setup, but it is not working when set like this.

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Ever considered trying a search engine?
@Birne Helene yes and no, I did consider it and I did use a search engine, but it seems it does not work, this seems to be handled by Systemd on Debian based systems by systemd-logind.service, the config I do there does not work too. But in Xfce there is a settings application (default thing the configure the system), which seems to offer some config as well.
So it seems the setting is ignored or maybe there is different conditions when each configuration setting is used. Maybe there is another settings somewhere.
I have exactly that setup on Gentoo/systemd/KDE and it works just fine! I didn't have to do anything particular. Maybe try asking on the Mint channel on #IRC, they might be able to help you there.
@Michele Santullo good idea, will try that. I think this is systemd, but they might manipulate it again, which causes the problem.
Which DE ?
@Djan GICQUEL Linux Mint Xfce, it seems the setting is not taken into account, it is there in the settings application, but then when I shut the lid the computer will go to sleep anyway.
Just wondering do you have light-locker installed ?