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Anyone knows any good sources for Open Source Software news?

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@Tio the #Fediverse is a good source for #OpenSource #News, especially with tags. 😛
@Tio maybe even #FLOSS is helpful.
True, but I was asking so that I can add them to our curated news website ;)
@Tio sorry, forgot the 😜 before.
the most common ones:
- (Hackernews)
- for in-depth articles and Kernel news
- maybe and the Debian project have blogs that one can follow, possibly with RSS support
- many popular OSS projects are on GitHub/Gitlab, there are probably ways to follow their releases and read the change logs
- some “well-known” FOSS developers like Drew DeVault have their own blogs and might link to other developers. They’re usually associated with popular OSS projects
- I haven’t checked it's quality in a while, but Slashdot used to be good as well
If you want something in media form, have a look at surveillance report. Its a weekly security, privacy, and FOSS news presented by @techlore and @thenewoil. Its available in video and podcast format -