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Is # really all that decentralised? I'm not so sure after looking at the numbers...


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While the decision to stop expanding was the right one, one could argue he should not have made the second one. I can’t help but feel he’s making the situation worse.

A decision could have been made to either make a series of instances, run by different people, and promote those. Or, even better, invest more in promoting existing instances to better distribute the influx of users.

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sad truth from multiple occasions that I had with people is: people seem overwhelmed by the request to chose their instance. Always being afraid of making the wrong choice. It wasn't different for me. My first toot talked about Mastodon being the loneliest social media I've ever experienced. Things worked out, but facts are, telling someone got to "" and sign up. Makes people a lot more likely than telling them select one of those instances.
yeah, that’s true. I think the convoluted nature of getting started with masto puts a lot of people off. Still though, it’s pretty great here. 😊
Well, no doubt in that 😁 I started out as "this is the loneliest social media ever" and look at me 😁 I never had more people reading my nonsense 🤐

I still question their sanity, but hey, somehow it's fun! 😁
How do the same people having trouble with finding an instance select an e-mail provider? Do they ever buy a car? Or vote in any elections? Choose what socks to wear?
Go ahead, ask people on the street for their email address. Most of them will be: yahoo, gmail, microsoft, and probably some older regionally popular providers (due to phone/landline/internet contracts or similar).

It's amazing how little people (want to) decide on the internet. They just follow what's popular and "free" for the most part and stick with it. That's not choice, that chance.

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My first Fediverse account was / is on my own self run # node, one could do the same for Mastodon, but Masto has some downsides for single user nodes. Or do they now have some ways to let you know about other servers and other user and relay posts?
I am not up to date, just realized that.
I'm running Pleroma. It uses less RAM and CPU than Mastodon for a single-user Fediverse instance. I'm only paying $3/mo to host this.
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Yeah, one could run Friendica on a Raspberry Pi3 or 4 at home. There is some people doing this. It is part of # (think Mastodon too)