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Is there an easy way to send some files from mobile to mobile # over internet yet?
I use next loud 4 this usecase. it's not p2p but secure, private and open source
Android? Syncthing!
Syncthing is to complicated for many people and not the thing for one time use.
If you're looking for a one-time use tool, try Lufi. Disroot or Framashere.
Someone on Twitter suggested, never heard of that. Will try that too.
P2P over mobile internet is difficult, because of the carrier nat. You would need a server anyway to establish a connection.
@Christoph S yeah, no NAT here, just a stupid Telekom firewall. Not sure why there is such a firewall that can't be controlled... Setup.
Create a torrent with an app like BiglyBT (with correct web trackers), pass the magnet to other bittorrent app client (like frostwire), and success!
Why can't someone build # for Android?