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And you #nerds still wonder why people still (continue) to use #WhatsApp ?

It's because we tell them the safest messenger is #Signal​​|#Wire​​|#Telegram​​|#Threema​​|#Matrix​​|#XMPP
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..and according to anyone beside nerds data-safety is evil
no, which one you recommend doesn't matter. they barely see a reason to move, and it's still the one thing - "no one" uses it
A: I do not wonder why people are using WA. I know it.
B: I don't tell anybody what to use. I stopped doing that years ago.
C: I recommend $tool when - and only when - someone asks me about it.
D: Signal. Period. 😉
@utzer I made a webpage, trying to be as stylinsh as commercial sites, to help promoting xmpp. ( And i run pidgin on a small always-on computer, auto-replying to everyone who writes me via telegram or signal, that they can reach me via xmpp. And believe it or not, handful of people then really started writing me via xmpp 😁
@ⅅℒℚ yes, great. I think in 20 years with XMPP there were less than 20 people I had regular contact with via XMPP. 😁

There is much more on Signal now. But yes, I could give XMPP accounts to anyone of my friends and family if the wanted... They never bothered to ask.

But still I wouldn't mind which messenger is used, I'd prefer anything versatile, save and decentral (in that order I guess).

Centralized network

#Telegram is proprietary network; cellphone and computer

Signal ;

#Wire I am not sure but they are not federated server, client and server side open source; cellphone and computer
#threema opensource client, I am not sure if the network side is open source or proprietary

federated network

#matrix, opensource client and network; cellphone and computer
#xmpp opensource client and network,, cellphone and computer opensource client and network, cellphone and computer

###P2P network
So no server between each person. All solutions below are open source
#Briar on cellphone only
#retroshare (text and audio only) only computer
#jami text, audio video, ; cellphone and computer,