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Wasn't there #torrent links on some time back? What happened to them?
Just because there is enough mirrors does not mean that #BitTorrent is not needed anymore. #35C3

@utzer Gerüchten zufolge wollen sie diese wieder einführen, hängen aber bei 99% fest.

@utzer bittorrent is good when you can't handle the traffic, but you might need additional bittorrent 'infrastructure', are there any issues while downloading via the web?

Yes, the speed it not so good, I think it is better to use BitTorrent in these cases, same when you download a Linux ISO for example, torrents like this are usually seeded by so many people that the speed is really high then.

Afaik @c3voc skipped BT to reduce workload. I suggested to support #peertube and webtorrent instead 🤟

@utzer Yes, you are right! Could you ask on or ?

as @blub pointed out they wanted to reduce workload, so @CCC VOC dropped the torrents. I can ask on Twitter too.

@Billy Blaze 🦄 sometimes comments just federate after you joined a conversation.