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Is it time to give #yunohost a try for #selfhosting? There is many apps that are marked as working in the latest release and many of the apps that one needs, including email. Maybe it is time to get a fixed IP at home?

not necessary. Just for mail it might be better and if you want to host your own custom domain.

@Lioh for the custom domain it is not necessary, my domain provider allows me to update DNS entries by API with ttl of 300 seconds, which I do already. For E-Mail I think it is necessary, but I am considering to just get some VPS for 2€/month which then opens a tunnel to my server at home. That might work, but I never tried this.

yunohost is nice. I like it. But much depends on the apps you want to use. And it can happen that a critical app for you losses its maintainer and before you know it it is 10 releases behind...

@dosch yes, that seems to be a problem, I think that is one of the reasons that I am also hesitating about it.

Give it a shot! Ive been liking it so far

@Fancy Cade I am really considering it. Do you mind to share what you're hosting on it? Box at home? Specs of the machine?

I am hosting it on Digital ocean mostly because I didnt want to deal with IP issues. 2G ram. You can go lighter, but some of the apps are big and they can add up.

Running matrix/riot, Wekan (kanban app). Planning on running pleroma and writefreely as well. My favorite thing is the installation process is so easy for these apps where if you do it yourself its kind of a pain

Can recommend it 😀

Tested some of them and yeah it’s nice to have your own demo before install it normally. My peertube still runs under Yuno.

yeah, I thought that maybe @yunohost could have a donation program where you can donate to specific maintainers. I find it difficult to see how I can support and motivate people to update their packages...

I know that one. Already donated. But I mean donating to specific projects/ports

Nah, just via code or maybe with their maintaners repo. Just ask them 😀

how would you do that, getting a fixed IP?

Better using an dyndns subdomain which are included.

@Tobi well, in Germany you get a business DSL line, which costs double or so... Maybe there is a cheaper way. I know that Unitymedia only changes the IP when you switch of the router and the Telekom also lets you keep the IP I think.
But the main prob is you will still have blacklisted IPs from an dynamic pool.