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What #Space Accounts are there in the #Fediverse ?

I run a bot @NASA - image of the day, but what else is there?

Anything related to #ESA, #NASA, #Mars, #SpaceX, that shares interesting facts, nice photos and pictures.
I would like to have some ESA and NASA accounts here.
@Michael Vogel you mean like official ones? That would be great... is there anyone here who we could bother to suggest that at ESA / NASA, like some employee from either one of those? It'll then probably take a few years till they get is setup. 😛

Also, share my post. 😉
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No, I just meant some mirrors. I once had created some Google+ mirrors. But this - of course - is long gone.
The way I do it is using RSS Bridge to pull their FB or Twitter accounts and then add to my Friendica. Such as - and I opened a feature request for Friendica to somehow, if possible, integrate RSS Bridge with Friendica. Would be amazing. Would mean that if someone wants to follow a FB page or Twitter or YTB account, they can copy paste the profile URL into the Friendica contacts and follow them via RSS. Would be an amazing feature.
@Tio for twitter I use nitter, but generally I know rss-bridge, nice tool.
In that sense, one can make Friendica pages that simply pull posts from fb, twitter and the like via rss bridge, and repost them on the Friendica page as "own posts". It is quite easy to do. Maybe I should make a few....but am busy as hell
I don't like these mirrors when they create ugly posts. Most of these "FB to RSS" create something that always looks like some mirror post with bad formatting. And these "Twitter to RSS"-feeds often create ugly stuff when creating posts from answers or reshares.
Looks good to me for most posts. And twitter looks perfectly fine for accounts.
And I can improve with some CSS tweaks 😛
Actually we are going to do that for our instance. We will mirror fb or twitter pages of important organizations like NASA and create separate pages for them all. So anyone can follow them on the fediverse. I think that's a great idea 😀.
@Tio @NASA - image of the day ups and downs... I don't mind them most the time, but flooding the Fediverse is not nice too.
I don't consider it as flooding at all, but a great way to get people to the Fediverse so they can easily follow such pages that are only on fb, twitter and the like. More great content 😀
I have setup several mirror accounts on For me it was important to not completely flood the fediverse with content but to mirror a selection. Especially when mirroring FB and Twitter accounts the danger is that these posts also contains some text that refers to the network itself, like some: "We wish all people here on Twitter a nice weekend!". This is the reason why I prefer mirroring feeds.
Yes that's what we also plan, a selection.
Well if they would put our server on a blocklist for mirroring several important science-based orgs so we can make more people use the amazing friendica, then it would say a lot about how the fediverse is yet another censorship machine. Actually that's what scares me about this approach with multiple islands, that the islands can cooperate to shut down any other island. I think the future is for sure something like scuttlebutt where the power is not in the hands of a few islands and their leaders, but in people's hands 😁. In any case, I don't plan to flood Friendica, but I do plan to create several mirror pages for several important orgs.
I just reactivated the old @NASA (unofficial) account that once was a Google+ repeater. I added several "general interest" feeds from here:

I added:
  • Breaking News
  • On the Station
  • Space Station News
  • Solar System and Beyond News
  • Earth News
  • Aeronautics News
For the ESA I haven't found RSS feeds for now.
I'm mostly interested in news, not photos. So you can takeover concerning the photos.
@Michael Vogel yes, but preview photos would be great.
For legal reasons they aren't fetched.
Nope, legal claims by some photographers who only granted a permission for the original page. I already had this experience. I hadn't to pay something, but now I'm more cautious.
@Michael Vogel maybe we should look into the new rules for embedding, ruling to be precise.
I also reactivated the @DLR (inoffiziell) account.
Further update: I found a RSS feed from the @ESA (unofficial) as well.
I just started following this mars bot @mars2020bot that posts the newest photos from Mars Perseverance
New #Space account here:

Lets see if it works.
Mentions of "unknown" accounts never works... @NASAPersevere, now it should work.