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Can anyone tell me if #business travel to #Poland including #hotel stay is currenty actually possible? When I call the hotel they say "only soldiers, med. personell and air crew", but here it says all business stays in hotels are fine?

seems they didnt updated all pages; its not possible atm for regular poeple unless youre on the list of specific occupations
basically same page but in polish - the list is longer and its not due to language
@cylonapplepie should have switched to polish, same with the danish page, they also have different info on them.
Put it to deepl or some other translator
@xDx deepl supports polish? Didn't think of that.
Entering poland is possible for EU/CH residents, according to the english version here:,Nowe-obostrzenia-na-polskiej-granicy.html
Yes, actually Polish was one of the first languages translated by Deepl. It worked way batter that Google some time ago, don't know how is the comparison now.
I didn't make myself clear - entering Poland is allowed but according to govt website it's not allowed to be in a hotel on business trip.
Maybe try to call embassy, maybe they can answer the question.
@xDx yes I came to that conclusion too, but it didn't make sense to me. Today seems to be a holiday, I will call the Polish contact tomorrow.
Thanks for the help.
About Deepl - I think that the founder of it was Polish, that's why.
@xDx Polish guy in Cologne, that could be. He is actually calling himself cofounder and is CEO, his name is #JaroslawKutylowski
@xDx is wrote it like this because he is not mentioned as a founder in the beginning of the wikipedia article, but in the last sentence is said to be CEO, and results in google feom LinkedIn say cofounder.