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#diaspora #time #gap #problem#

Hat noch jemand den Effekt das in die Zukunft schauen kann ??
Kennt jemand nen #podmin von ??

Aufgefallen bei @Michele Santullo

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Oh scheint eine falsche Server zeitone zu sein
Dafür ist es zu wenig - aber scheint nicht per NTP zu syncen...
@utzer das ist leider der falsche Server

und gibt es leider nicht
@Frank Dapor #podmin ah so it was not the server @Michele Santullo is on. Alright. I think there was some URL that would show the Diaspora admin account. Can't find it anymore.
A comment author’s pod sets the time the comment was written. This information is transferred in the created_at field to other pods, which display this information without further validation. If a comment’s timestamp is off, this means that the sender’s pod is a time traveling agent.

NodeInfo shows the username of the admin account if set. shows podmin, so the podmin account is, which is @MondiAspora Podmin, who now is aware.

Fix your NTP, friend. 😀
@diaspora* HQ thanks, I remembered that you could look this up somehow. Thanks for helping.

By the way I tried a couple of Google searches and did not find anything, if there is any place in the wiki or so, just add that information.
"How can I find out the admins/podmins username on a Diaspora pod?"

That would have helped finding it.
Also, update your diaspora*.
There is not, currently. This is because there is no "single" way to find that information. Even though an email address is included in the terms, podmins can customize those - or simply disable the terms page. I could've sworn there was an issue for something already, but I couldn't find it, so ...
@diaspora* HQ but the info ins included in the nodeinfo as you wrote above, what is missing is a note anywhere on the internet to tell people it is there.
"Open this manually-crafted URL, look through the JSON to find the right field, sign into a diaspora* account and mention that profile" is not a user-viable solution to this problem, and your average non-techie diaspora* user will not be able to follow. Also, it's completely useless if someone without an account, or without a usable account, wants to get in touch with a podmin.
@diaspora* HQ hmm yes, but it is still useful for other admins, it is not a rare case that one has to get in touch with another podmin. But well, I understand your problem with it.
I've actually been waiting for years now for the pod migration feature to land. This pod is giving all sort of problems, the time offset being just one (it's even more evident and annoying in private messages).

Is the pod migration feature still planned to happen, or should I just give up and stay on this pod and hope it won't shut down for good?
It will be a thing. We don't know when.
I hope it will happen before my current pod goes out, because I'm not going to start a new account all over again