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I am looking for an #Android #App to track my credit card payments, preferably enter some little details, the amount of the payment and take a photo of the receipt. Any tips for some non cloud based app?

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Hi, I've used Financisto for a while and was quite happy about it, though the UI is clearly outdated (Play Store).

My Expenses is also worth a shot, with a nice CSV & QIF import feature. MoneyWallet looks promising as well, with a lot of features. You can add a picture of the receipt in both apps as well as other infos at your leisure, and you can keep your data offline or back it up on cloud services (Drive, Dropbox…).
Both can be found on the F-Droid store.

Good luck to you!

@David trying MoneyWallet now, seem sufficient, is FLOSS (I think) and available on #Fdroid (as you wrote). It has a backup function to local file, which I like much.