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Looking for an easy way to mirror some #RTSP #video stream from LAN on a server in LAN, the source is a cheap IP camera and allows only one access at a time, but sometimes 2 or 3 people want to watch the video stream.

Is there any easy way to do this with #FLOSS on a #Linux box?
you do have a synology box, do you? There is an application for that, named surveillance station
@Martin I can check that, as long as I can disable recording/HDD activity, maybe just starts receiving the stream when someone watches, that would be great.
there is a "live view", but I am not sure if that is managed apart from the recording part
Why not just watch the rtsp stream via VLC on each machine? The camera is a streaming server by itself.
@Matthias Vos ... That only allows on simultaneous stream for some reason.
I have a cheap chinese cam in use here and stream is sent to homeassistant, VLC on a tablet and my computer simultaniously. Sometimes I use dyndns to give friends the ability to also watch the stream. We had 15 people watching without problems besides the normal clients, watching on SD (port 11) and HD (port 12) at the same time. Wonder why your cam won't do this, technically those cheap cams are 99% identically..
@Matthias Vos yes I know they are identical. First users gets a video it seems and any subsequent user only gets the audio stream. I thought it should work. Maybe try again next days.
@Skarbrand yes, thanks. I also got that suggestion on Twitter and will look at it.
Eyemotion maybe