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@Friendica Developers The registration in is closed. Do you need any help setting up postfix on that server to open the registration?

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No, it is closed as brute-force measurement against the registration of accounts used for SPAM.
But how can can users create issues or participate in development, when the registration is closed? How can gitea even be used for spam? I am confused. I thought this is the place for future development of Friendica...
Create repositories with files with the content you want to have displayed. Just like using other peoples wiki installations to display your content. This happened a lot already in the past before we closed the registration.

Once we use it, registration could be set to "requires approval by the admin" or admins just kick out malicious accounts which are discovered as admins will use the system as well on a daily basis. For now, this limits the additional work load. Also there are federated possibilites (for later usage) with gitea (OAuth and FedForge or how it was named).
@Tobias for now github is used for issues.

Also there is some SMTP setup on that machine, so email can be sent.
This is true for Friendica, but not for Friendiqa and the other projects... ☹
@Marco R. aha, I see the problem now. So you had for friendiqua the problem that somebody wanted to create an issue or so. Then the reopening of the registrations just went some steps ahead on the todo list 😉

As the CI integration is struggling, the move of Friendica to the self-hosted repo was slown down and that registration point went doen on the priority with it.

I'll see what I can do.
@Marco R. I've found something in the gitea forum and will try to enable that this evening so that new user can open issues but need administrative care for creating repositories and organizations.
Registration via OpenID seems not to be working, but regular registration will now allow new users to create 0 repositories, but file new issues.

I could not find an option to notify admins about new registrations, only how to manually approve new registration. So for now no automatic notification.

Also if anybody reaches their max repo limit, they need to raise their virtual hands and request a higher limit.
Current rate is 10 SPAM accounts weekly. Old school profile link spam.
@Tobias wow that many...
Wow! This is way to much! You should probably close the registration again. Its not worth it...
@Marco R. I don't know, 10/week is way better then 10/day which was the original score when I closed down the registration initially.

I think I'll ask for advice in the gitea forum before closing it again. Deleting the current amount of SPAM accounts is not that time consumint.
@Tobias anyway, why did we choose gitea over gitlab? I have not idea what is the difference, but it feels gitlab is more popular? @Marco R.
@utzer because we did not manage to get gitlab running at that time and gitea worked. GitLab seems to have the same issues, at least from what I could read without a google account.
@Tobias Does #gitea allow #OpenID or #OAuth2 registrations?
@Tobias not for our installation or not in general? Let me know if I need to do anything.
As 100% or the SPAM accounts had mail addresses, those have been set on the block-list.