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Due to companies not having a common messenger for mobile phone a lot of their internal data ends up on WhatsApp. Why do they not prevent this by buying all employees a copy of #Threema or tell them to use #Signal or some other safe and encrypted alternative?

I work in such a company, too and honestky its just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But maybe its the same issue as with employees sending themselfs emails from their account to their work mail, while at the same time having access to the full internet with their webbrowser.

@alsternerd 🤷🏼‍♀️ yes, I know that is a security issue too, but mainly because of educational shortcomings, maybe companies could implement some course/exam and if you reach a certain level you can have webaccess.

And bigger companies should run their very own chat/messaging infrastructure.

@Kai Kretschmann yeah, they actually have Skype, but that Skype for business requires certain permissions on the phone and nobody uses it as they all have a native messaging app on the phone (WhatsApp) which they use for everything. So I am sure they also send data and information via WhatsApp that should not be on there. It is a situation that either has to be forbidden explicitly or it has to be a tool you can actually use and will be used by everyone, a real good alternative to WhatsApp.

That is the point.