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What terminal/console are you using?

Thank you. Having a play with it now.

Hello @utzer and @Thrash Cardiom I have Terminator installed within one of my Linux distros. Especially with the creativity of Z Shell functionality, the value of Terminator is beyond words.

@William A Ellerbe you mean zsh? I use zsh mostly.

It's good. Now I've got to learn it 😀

Hello @utzer. We are speaking of zsh, one of the best terminals that I have ever seen for the Linux platform.
Sample of Oh My Zsh

@William A Ellerbe yes, it is pretty nice one, standard bash syntax combined with lots of nice features.
I am always looking for a nice configuration, one problem I have is "home" button in my current config is not working, to complicated to explain I guess.

I just leave my config here, maybe someone can help with that particular #zsh problem.
The problem came with that history completion up and down arrow I think.

cat .zshenv 

cat .zshrc
# Set up the prompt

autoload -Uz promptinit
prompt adam1

setopt histignorealldups sharehistory

# Use emacs keybindings even if our EDITOR is set to vi
#bindkey -e

# Keep 1000 lines of history within the shell and save it to ~/.zsh_history:

# Use 
... show more

Hello @utzer. Per your message, I will attempt to spend more time with zsh. Along the way I plan to use Markdown to document my experience along the way.