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Hello !Friendica Admins

How and when do you block single accounts or complete servers?

Do you block whole servers when you see a block suggestion?
Do you check the server to block before you block or rely on the suggestion?
Same about single accounts?

I usually just block stuff I stumble over or things people get upset about and tell me.

If one of regular #Friendica admins writes about some really hard stuff poster/server I will usually check the block suggestion and take action when I agree.

I don't want to over block, but I will certainly not tolerate hate speech or stuff that is against laws. I am not a lawyer, so I will use common sense only to determine, unless there is reason to put in more effort (ie. stuff on my servers or so).

Put your 5 cents here. Just interested to read some thoughts.

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Ich blocke bis jetz nur einzelne Accounts wenn:
- diese mir auffallen
- diese mir gemeldet werden und ich dann die Meldung überprüft habe

Ganze Server habe ich bis jetzt nur gab* geblockt
I try and do the minimum size block that I can. If a server admin "isn't home" (isn't responding to issues on their system, doesn't care, etc.) or the instance is nothing but garbage (entirely subjective, of course), then it's likely I don't want content from that system hitting mine and I'll filter it.

If anyone wanted to discuss a block I have in place, I'd be glad to, but it hasn't happened yet. heh
@Adam this just arrived.

Yeah, I just don't like too fast and to wide blocks. Specially these blocklists or so. These didn't do good on Twitter and probably won't do good here.
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Wow... yeah, something's constipating up my instance - I have this huge backlog of tasks, and have posted on the support forum, hopefully it doesn't take a week to show up! (Along with this comment...)