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Due to companies not having a common messenger for mobile phone a lot of their internal data ends up on WhatsApp. Why do they not prevent this by buying all employees a copy of #Threema or tell them to use #Signal or some other safe and encrypted alternative?

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Some companies do have their employees use #Threema. yes, some companies, but many don't. Many employees at least stopped using there private gmail when companies dropped the VPN requirement for emails.

Just a pain in the ass. To be honest, the company I had in mind uses Skype for Business, so maybe there is an app, but you got to grant admin right to the company (outlook app requires that) to use the messenger, I have no company phone, many people didn't have one...

why does it not use set up xmpp?
- because users have iphones ...
but why are they dumb
- yes
ok to then why don't they et up matrix
- because its easier to not do work then to do work..

sorry im loosing focus ^^
/inside head conversation end

I think one major problem is that many employees already use Whatsapp privately and don't want to get used to use another messenger for their job.

@★Miller yes, I think so too. Strickt rules can solve that.