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Is there a # device, a # like device, that connects to the # by # and provides 2 # (or similar), couple of USB 3 a 1GBit/s Ethernet and sound output and input? There is such things for Windows and with some restrictions for Apple OS X, but I am not sure if there is anything like that for #.

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So I am sure there is something like that for Linux, but I am not sure how well it works.
I've tried a few USB-C docking stations on my MacBook and have had lackluster results with the dual display situation (most were only mirroring the extended displays). I flipped over to a Mac-specific solution that offers dual HDMI and a couple other ports via Thunderbolt 3. Sadly that's the only port-type that seems to give consistent dual display results. That being said, I still have one of my older units at work and can grab a linux laptop and try out the ports tomorrow. It doesn't have audio in however, as none of the units I looked at offered it (even on my Thunderbolt docks). If the audio in isn't a dealbreaker then I can run a functional test and send over the results.
@Kevin Heil that sounds like a lot of work just to figure out if that device would work with Linux. I was looking from some reply of a person that recently bought one and can give me some feedback of their device. The missing sound is not a deal breaker, just was looking for some way to avoid unplugging all the devices I usually connect and just plug in one USB connector instead. Also the dual display would be a nice thing to use.

However, I guess I can just order some device and test if it works, if they advertise the Linux compatibility and then it does not work, that is a reason to return it, even after trying it out.
the devices are for any computer except for OSX (they do their own products for make more money) and if you have a trouble using it on Linux you only need to do a Quick search on Internet and some one more had solved
I understand the desire, I went through four devices before settling on the unit I have at work. Before that I was hooking up a number of cables and connectors every day at the office. The first unit you posted from Amazon looks like a good choice. If it has MacOS drivers then there's moderate hope that it does or can have actual Linux drivers and support. My assumption is that there are only a handful of host controllers in use on the mass-market USB-C docks, so if there's a driver for two or three then you get access to the bulk of the options. It does still look like that one could be a little strange with the extended desktop versus mirror mode for non-Windows, but that was what I found across all of the USB-C units as well.
There is the docking station for lenovo's computer. I use that for my tablet.
There are not 2 hdmi but display port.
I use adaptors for the hdmi.
All that devices works with display link drivers for Linux.