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When will #editing of posts come to #Mastodon, it is possible in #Friendica which uses #ActivityPub for some time now, so when will Mastodon be able to implement the supposedly rocket science code that is needed?

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delete and redraft is already possible and it's more fair and transparent imho
@Jöächim D. Ɖ. Ɗ. Ď. Törnphlükß yes, but delete doesn't work too well either, deletions are not well federated. Seems to be rocket science as well.
As the Co-Organiser of both official ActivityPub Conferences and 15 other events where I invited the mastodon developers and they never came:
Some call it rocket science, others call it ignorance of mastodon devs ;)

Also my credo: The lack of ActivityPub Client to Server and not caring for DID is vendor lock in.
@Sebastian Lasse I use both Mastodon and diaspora, if you want I can try to contact someone in the Italian mastodon (for example, or in the Italian pirate party. I met some very nice geeks there