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Got a new computer with #Windows 10?

Here is the best way to enhance its #privacy, hardening its #security and increase its #speed.

1. Insert the #Xubuntu installer USB

2. Reboot your #computer

3. Follow the instruction on the screen to install #Linux

Important: When prompted, make sure to choose "use the whole disk" otherwise problems may persist depending on your boot choices!

@utzer I can confirm that - but with a clean & stable #Debian.

Had to fix two laptops with UEFI and Windows today. Windows wouldn't boot, but my USB stick with Ubuntu was flawless. Unfortunately, I managed to fix the problems, so the client doesn't get to benefit from a new OS.

I don't understand UEFI at all, I disabled it after I had a problem like that 4 years ago and did not solve it but only solved it be reinstalling the computer.

@utzer During the installation process you select xfce? (like I did ;) that was all.

@utzer and yes, Debian offers LUKS & LVM directly during the menu driven process.

Though I agree with recommending Linux for said purposes, I don't feel comfortable with this. This is about oversimplifying several complex issues.