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When you just realize the #ubuntu #mirror you were using for 5 weeks is outdated. m)

I switched the mirror because the mirror in Europe was to slow from #India.


have you tried apt-mirror or apt-cache?

@Juan Matías I am not even sure what either of them does, will check that tomorrow. Some automatic selection of a fast mirror would be great, somehow checking if the mirror is up-to-date, if one of the two can help with that it is great.

@utzer, apt-mirror set and maintain a local mirror of repos (pro: it updates in "background", when you update your local machines it is "light speed"; con: you need 160GB to maintain the mirror)
apt-cache: if you have a lot of local PCs it maintains a cache of used packages... so you have delay the first time and then PC gets the package locally...

depending on your scenario is your choice.... hope they are useful to you!!!

The blocking is not an issue, the speed in a one time update is important, also I can not keep a local mirror or even all the packages I need.

If some of my servers/ppa/special repos do not work I only do "sudo torsocks apt-get..." so circumvent the problem, but if you are in Asia then the the European servers do not work well anymore.

Hi, utzer

I don't understand. Do you have issues with blocking or just access speed?
The tools I mentioned above are to solve speed issues while reduces Internet usage caching what you need.
If repos near you have a high downtime percentage apt-mirror will work for you when repos are up, keeping the local mirror up to date.

If you have issues with blocking you should specify a little more. But this is another story.

@Juan Matías I see there is some issue with post distribution, one answer is missing. Not sure what is wrong there, I got to look in my log tomorrow.
Here is one more reply.

I was referring to this answer and to your suggestions. The point is, I can not keep a local copy of all packages, also I sometimes just need to get all packages updates right away. The problem is a speed issue I was facing in Asia a few times already, usually I then selected a mirror from the country I was in, even in china they have pretty fast mirrors. So in India I did select a local mirror too, when I came back to EU I did an update and it showed me some faults for some server not available and also it did do some updates in the same run on Kubuntu. I then switched back to a local mirror and got 200 MB of updates of some libs and small stuff, at least 30 packages. I figured, that the mirror I was using i... mehr anzeigen

I know how to check which mirror is fastest from a certain location but don't know how to check how up to date they are too