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I am not #newhere, but I never did a #neuhier (German for new here) post in the beginning. I love the #Fediverse and run my own small #Friendica server for some time now.

Hope to find some more people interested in #RaspberryPi #Linux #FLOSS #Hacking #34C3 #Tor #powerconverter #eff #sfc #ubuntu.

I am interested in most of that stuff.

I spent a lot of time trying to package the Pi as an extreme low-cost desktop machine, but found that it was just not up to the job. Now I'm very interested in the Rock64, which has a more powerful CPU and much better IO characteristics: 2GB of memory and EMMC storage. All for about the same price.

The "LePotato" is a very interesting SBC as well - runs at ~1.5Ghz, also with 2GB of RAM and EMMC storage. But it will set you back $45. Also, most importantly, you can use the main-line linux Debian kernel and packages.

Hi welcome to the club!

@Utzer #RaspberryPi ☑️ #Ubuntu (aber Noob) ☑️ #hacking (Pi, Wemos, Micropython) ☑️ #34C3 (Interesse... 😀 )☑️

hello welcome

Muss auch mal sein, Utzer! Also Herzlich Willkommen!