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Hey there social media hosting people and developers working on any of the #Fediverse systems!

Is there anyone of you at the Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig this year right after Christmas? Is there anyone interested to have a meeting there?

Just some exchange, we would need some people to moderate the event, but basically some meetup to exchange information and get to know other players in the field.
"Someone" could then register a "talk" or "meetup" for the upcoming congress, I'd say a duration of about 1.5 to 2 hours and maybe 60+ people can be expected, assuming there is many #webmasters or #developers among the visitors at the #35C3.

Any #devs and #webmaster of the following systems, or any that I might have missed that are using #ActivityPup and can communicate with the others, please comment here if you like the idea!
#Friendica #Diaspora #red #Hubzilla #GnuSocial #StatusNet #Mastodon #Pleroma #Socialhome #Ganggo

Let me know if you have any questions.
@Dennis Schubert posted about this recently in this post, so get in touch with him if you want to link up!

Yes, they setup the assembly, which is kind of a permanent meeting/working place during congress, while I want to have a meetup to exchange information. @goobgoob/goobgoobgoob thanks for pointing me to his post!

Happy to host meetings/workshops on the assembly as long as we know the approx. amount of people, and whether you need a beamer or not. ;)

Prefer a room for it, assuming turnouts from other meetups I went to I assume 60 people or more if #Mastodon people join.

I only have a meet up in mind, not a talk, but a little more formal than just meeting at the assembly. Also little more quite I think. Need to check the schedule for a slot of a room that fits the amount of people.

Question is if developers from Mastodon and Pleroma are there.

Let's see what happens. Anyone is welcome. I just need to know if others think it is a good idea, I am not a dev, but I think some meet-up would be beneficial to all devs and maybe admins.