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See the periodic white dots in the trails? I'm pretty sure those are blinking lights on a plane... 🙈
Looks nice anyway!
I am pretty sure it is not a plane, this is a plane. I got many pictures with planes. The planes do not move that fast. The exposure time was 10, 13 and 20 seconds in the first 3 photos.

I might be wrong, but also at the time as the photos were taken my wife or I saw a falling star.

Aber die Bildqualität ist viel besser, hast du das über friendica hochgeladen? Dandelion* enttäuscht in der Hinsicht..
@Patrick ja habe ich über Friendica hochgeladen und ich habe bei meinem Server keine Kompression eingestellt und erlaube 13MB Dateien oder so, wobei diese hier knapp unter 5MB sind.
Again to make sure it can be understood, this is a plane, it did not leave the photo area on either side, meaning during the whole exposure time it did not move that much to leave the photo. I did take may photos in a series, meaning one after another and the planes are visible in multiple pictures one after another continuing to move through the photo area.
This is such a plane, it is less bright than the falling star.
Oh nice! I have to reevaluate some pictures I took! Good catch 👍
Cool, will have a look for the hashtag later. #Perseiden