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Is there a way to get a non existent user removed from #Signal group chat? And why the heck do users need to leave a group before terminating their Signal account?


You can't remove any user from Signal group chats. Users must leave groups on their own due to the way it is implemented (everybody has the same rights).

Yes I see. So if anyone else registers that number in the future that person can then join the group. But stupid IMO, but I understand if that is part of the technical concept.


We never tested if someone can actually join after re-registering a phone number. This may be possible if no Registration Lock PIN was set. 🤷‍♂️

However, re-joining would result in warning messages (safety number changed) and prior messages can't be decrypted since there are no decryption keys available.

Yes, I figured so, we now created a new group and abandoned the old one, so the if the accounts reactivates it'll be the sole user in the group.