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There is two things I really miss in #Linux, one is some quick and easy way to annotate #pictures, like the MS Windows #Paint, just so be able to mark something in a picture with a (red) square/circle/pointer and add some short text and save all as original file again.

The second is some really good #PDF software to also allow me to add comments, annotate, highlight, edit and so on.

There seems to be no real good alternative for PDF, but there must be one for the picture annotation thing.

I use #Xfce, so I would prefer anything #GTK based.
I use #pinta and will obtain a copy of PDF studio sometime in the future (I used Acrobat at work).
@utzer GNOME Document Reader "Evince" allows you to highlight and annotate PDFs. It's pretty basic, though.
Paint: my favorite for many years is KolourPaint.
Not editing pdf’s, so can’t help here, just dont know.
ps: i’m xfce user too.

Libre Office lets you edit pdfs too!
Okular is the best PDF editor you can find. Qt based
So many great suggestions in a few minutes, thanks a lot!
@utzer sorry but for PDF annotations i only know ocular
@utzer *okular of course
@Utzer Hello fellow XFCE and GTK fan. I have a workflow idea for you. Install "xpaint," "xviewer," "xournal," and "xpdf." Right-click an image and use "Open With Other Application...," and choose xpaint. You only have to do this once and you don't need to save anything. Close xpaint. Now right-click on an image and go to Properties. Change "Open With:" to use Xviewer. You may have to do this with multiple formats. Open the image with Xviewer & right click it. Notice the "Open with."
@Utzer You can now view your files in a Xviewer as you image viewer and also open them up at anytime in xpaint, which is the closest to MSPaint as you're going to get. Xournal is for note taking with drawing tablets and touch screens, but can also annotate PDFs. Xpdf is a GTK PDF viewer. It's ugly as hell though. Personally, I like qpdfview the most so far, even if it's technically Qt.
@Utzer qpdfview also has add text or highlights via Ctrl+a.
@Utzer if you want to venture outside gtk, #KDE has kolourpaint
I use GIMP for annotating pictures. GIMP can do a lot more. However, making a square and add some text around it is easy, because you will only use a few tools.
Foxit Reader for PDF. It has full PDF comment support as far as I can see by now.
I too use Xournal for PDF work, although that mostly means ADDING to them (such as filling in forms).

For a paint application, mtpaint (GTK) is pretty powerful yet similar to the MSPaint of olde.