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Who here was the developer of the #Wordpress #activitypub addon? I know I did chat with the developer of the #AP addon for Wordpress here before. Any idea who that is?

Mit dem Aufkommen von #Mastodon und #ActivityPub nahm die Zahl der Rassisten und Arschlöcher im #Fediverse stark zu.

Meinst Du die URL von Gab?

Meinst Du die URL von Gab?
danke, hat sich schon erledigt?

Hallo @Matthias Pfefferle
ich habe in meinem #Wordpress Blog das #ActivityPub Plugin von dir installiert und aktiviert, in den Einstellungen steht: or

Try to follow "" in the mastodon/ search field.

ich kann jedoch nicht folgen, die Fehlermeldung sagt, dass nicht erkannt wurde um welchen Netzwerktyp es sich handelt.

Meine Frage, sollte das Plugin bei einem WP Netzwerk funktionieren? Welche Endpunkte kann ich prüfen oder wie kann ich sehen ob es grundsätzlich funktioniert? Braucht es vielleicht neben LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL und PHP) noch etwas bestimmtes damit das Plugin funktioniert?

Pluginversion ist Version 0.7.1, Wordpress ist auf aktuellem Stand.

Danke für die Hilfe.

@Matthias Pfefferle bei Friendica kann ich entweder einem Handle folgen in der Form von oder ich kann auch der Profil URL folgen, letzteres habe ich gerade gemacht, ich habe der Profil URL "" gefolgt und das hat funktioniert, der "Nutzer" wurde im Abschluss auch korrekt als AP angezeigt und die Endpunkte
sehen auch korrekt aus.

So, jetzt habe ich die Nachverfolgbarkeit dieses Threads genügend kaputt gemacht. ;-) Etwas das Twitter schon seit Längerem besser gelöst hat als bspw. Friendica.

@Matthias Pfefferle hattest du im Update etwas angepasst was hier helfen könnte? Ich hab die Changelog gelesen, aber das verweist auf eine andere Anpassung so wie ich annehmen, falls nein dann teste ich nochmal.

The federated social network #Friendica has just released its new version 2019.01, which now includes full #ActivityPub support:

Thanks to ActivityPub, it federates with Mastodon, PixelFed, Pleroma, PeerTube, NextCloud Social, Osada, Hubzilla etc.

Friendica also still has federation with #Diaspora, so if you're wanting to follow ActivityPub accounts without leaving your Diaspora friends, Friendica might be a good option.

@frosch @utzer Zu Weihnachten hat er das Feature live gestellt ^^

ActivityPub - Final thoughts, one year later.

#Fediverse #Diaspora #ActivityPub #ap #development #TheFederation

I think his arguments are strong. Still dividing social medias in #fediverse and #activitypub is unfortunate. Does it
not make a difference, that friendica supports both? It is not acceptable to put its solution into diaspora? Is it
technically difficult?

I think you have to look through @Dennis Schubert posts, I remember there was some more discussion on that topic, not sure if it was a posts of him.

As far as I understood: Dennis made his decision. But whats with the other developers? Do they agree to Dennis post or is there a difference?

I remeber this diaspora internal discussion at discourse:
But it became very quiet in this thread...

ActivityPub - Final thoughts, one year later. -

Another long text, but don't worry: it is likely my last article on #ActivityPub and #ActivityStreams in its current form. At this point, I don't see the chance of productive progress in my area, so I decided to write this little piece as a reference post that I can link to when people ask questions.

An so eine #Mediathek von #ARD oder #ZDF könnte man ja auch einen Server im #Fediverse anbinden, so eine Diskussionsplattform mit #ActivityPub an der Mediathek, wobei es nicht #AP sein muss. ist quasi die mediathek

Bei #ARD lassen sich die 'Rubriken' einzeln ansteuern. Kann man schon was mit machen...

Beispiel 'Dokumentationen':;rss


#Fediverse goes #Onion

I come more an more to the believe that we have to protect ourselfs by migrating some infrastructure to the #Darkweb.

What is there already happening with #Fediverse #ActivityPub and #Tor #Onions services?

Yes, it has real practical advantages, but we would have to agree that every node has to have tor installed and all .onion communication is running through there, but I think that will not happen soon.

Well I guess the new EU legislation at least boosts it a bit. :/

Django is really cool. I've used it and believe it is more secure and programmable than WordPress.

#Fediverse walled gardens

Most software changes and adapts and improves over time as the world around it changes and adapts. Sometimes old decisions are re-evaluated. ActvityPub is a wretched mess, but to us it's just another protocol. It's no better and no worse than OStatus and Diaspora.

I just wish they all weren't so anti-competitive, because it's hard to federate across protocols that reject other protocols. Both Friendica and Hubzilla core protocols allow and support messages from any protocol and any network. None of the others do. This is a big problem. It means your comments from Mastodon to Hubzilla will never be seen on Diaspora, even though Hubzilla communicates with all of them. This isn't a project issue or bug, it is the result of anti-competitive protocols. We call them walled gardens. ActivityPub is also a walled garden - just like Diaspora and just like OStatus.

Quote from @macgirvin here.

#Diaspora #activitypub #gnusocial #mastodon #friendica #hubzilla

Who is this Mike McVogel?

Personally, I'm really stoked for this project, and I love that it's made so much progress so far.

PeerTube Releases v.1.0.0 Beta 1

PeerTube, the decentralized YouTube alternative, has just made a new milestone release. The project has come a long way, and already sports a vastly improved UI and federated comments.

\#PeerTube #ActivityPub #Federation

So what do you dev guys think, will #ActivityPub succeed the various protocols used by the various FLOSS social networks out there?

#Friendica #diaspora #red #hubzilla #GNUSocial #StatusNet #Mastodon #Pleroma #socialhome

How about we remove all this and just add a link to the original post. Like we do/did with Twitter, just the first 350 characters are send and the rest is stopped and a link to the original post is send. I don't like that very much, but I also hope it annoys people over there to change the limited implementation.

I'm holding out for zot6 for my own stuff. From the design docs it looks like a game changer.