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Can someone help me with this access denied when computer tries to go to sleep? Generally it works, but something is wrong here.

#Linux #Mint

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kann ich nicht bestätigen...
Anleitung das zu testen (home-rechte) findest du in meinen kleinen Tipps danke, dann bin ich mal gespannt ob es jetzt geht und frage mich ernsthaft wieso .dbus falsche Rechte hatte, denn ich bin recht sicher, dass ich da nicht gemacht hatte was diese anders gesetzt hat. Super Diagnose auf jeden Fall!

Does anyone know how to write the #mariabackup output status messages and errors to a logfile?

I tried to pipe it with "|tee -a file.log" and also ">> file.log", bot does not write to that log file.

I did "echo "log test" followed by the above to ensure the problem is not in the path to the file or some access right to file.log.

#linux #mysql #mariadb

I guess they are writing message to stderr. You may try "&>" instead of ">>"

@Denis I think not stderr, that would alter the Exit code, wouldn't it? I have another command after this command and a && between both. But I will have a look into the suggestion anyway, I am happy for about any Tipp and will give a feedback, but it will take a day or two.

Programs can write to stderr and still return 0, as well as not write to stderr and return >0.
The correct syntax for redirection depends on your shell, but try foo >> file.log 2>&1.

@Martin Schuster thanks, after @Denis commented I had a feeling it is like this. I will try this, or better look it up for zsh and sh. Thanks.

@Martin Schuster took me a while, but thanks for this tip, I somehow didn't think this would be written to (2).


Die Welt ist schon verrückt, ich sitze in #Taiwan mit meinem Hotspot und einer TW Simkarte drin und mache ein Update auf dem #Linux Mint PC bei meiner 79 jährigen Oma in Köln.

Also bitte, welche 79 jährige hat schon einen Computer mit Linux Mint?

Pfft! Mein 75-jähriger Vater hat einen Rechner mit Arch Linux und einen anderen mit Debian. Wie geil ist das? :P

Wie bei vielem ist tmux oder screen auch eine Geschmacksfrage. Ich hab irgendwann mal diese Seite bei thoughtbot gefunden [1]und bin dabei geblieben.

[1]Migrating from GNU Screen to Tmux

Hidden services muss ich mir jetzt mal genauer anschauen. Danke für die Links!

Maybe someone else has a problem with #Xfce and #Linux #Mint at the moment, so I let you know about this.

I did update 2 days ago and didn't reboot since, today I rebooted which caused the #windowmanager to act strange, the panel was not showing, when I pressed Alt-F2 it would open the some finder to start an application, but the input was not in the focus, so I had to click in the input area and could only start typing afterwards. I could not switch between applications by Alt-Tab but had to click in the corresponding window, but this did not put the clicked window in the foreground.

If you haben to have some problem like this, maybe other systems besides Mint are affected too, with #... show more

In #Flugzeugen bei #Dragonair läuft ein #Redhat #Linux auf den frühen 2000er auf dem Entertainment Systemen wenn ich das richtig gesehen habe. Bei jeder Landung (??) wird dann das System neu geflasht, dass ist immerhin vernünftig.


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ist ja wahrscheinlich eh nicht mit dem Internet verbunden.

Ist was für @Hugo van der Merwe und #behindthecurtain

I want to backup a #RaspberryPi with #Borgbackup, but for some reason the version of #borg is outdated (1.0.9), I can see there is a newer version available for #Raspbian, but I don't know why this does not install with "apt-get install borgbackup".

Here is the repository folder which contains borg backup

Any ideas what I can do?

#Linux #apt

You can try to build the version of borgbackup you want on your own.

I now decided to upgrade from strech to buster, Raspian buster will be leased next week anyway, so I'll try if it works, if not I will do a fresh setup tomorrow with buster I guess.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction you all!

The command ffmpeg -i inputfile.mp4 outputfile.mp4 significantly reduces the size of an MP4, sometimes by 20%, but it goes up to 35%, which can be a few hundred MB easily.

How can I find out what it does exactly, how does it reduce the size, what happens?

#Linux #ffmpeg

Eventually, the job is done 😀
511 GB (vp9, opus)
I'd try AV1, but my ffmpeg cannot encode it.

@Rainer "diaspora" Sokoll I think for a 720p video the -crf 31 is to much with vp9. Not sure, but could be to much.

My ffmpeg version support AV1. Did you check "ffmpeg |grep libaom"?

@Rainer "diaspora" Sokoll I take this back...
ffmpeg -h encoder=libaom-av1 did not work.

I can't get #borgback, with patterns, to

include the folder
+ /home/user/.application/folder1

and exclude all other folders within
- /home/user/.application/*

What do I have to put in the patters to get this working?

#linux #help

what is borgback? and why do you try to include a dot dir from /home?

@hackbyte missed the "up", it was supposed to be #borgbackup. I want to include some files from that hidden directory in my backup.

it doesn't work the other way around as well, it always includes all files in the /home/user/.application folder.

#borg backup doesn't work anymore, it did for a year, now I get:

Remote: sh: borg: command not found
Connection closed by remote host. Is borg working on the server?

Any idea why this suddenly happens from multiple systems doing a backup to the same destination server?


I found that "which borg" gave me the path to borg (remote and local), but I found that the path was different from the one of the machine that serves the backup (that I perform the backup from), which for some reason seems to be the problem. It seems that borg can't find the correct path on the Synology NAS anymore, it worked for some months.

I now did "ln -s" remotely to create a symlink for borg in the same path as the serving machines borg is in found in. That seems to have solved the problem.

I find this very strange.

Maybe I did that before already and due to an update of borg on Synology NAS that borg (script - it is a script that is the binary) binary was removed an thus the previously created symlink was removed too?

Next time you know😃

Or what if an update of borg on the NAS moved the executable to a new location, so it used to be in matching place but now needs the symlink?

@S. Lockwood-Childs yes, also possible. It is in a normal executable path, but anyway, still strange.

From time to time I happen to press some button/key in #Linux with #Xfce and then the mouse does funny things, like scrolling when I move it (have this right now) or last time it was selecting text when I just moved it.
Right now the USB wireless mouse is off, so it is the TouchPad, when I move one finger over it it will scroll. Maybe it is defect and detects two fingers moving?
Often the only solution is a reboot. I have no clue what causes this behavior.

Maybe this helps:
windows and tabs

ctrl q                  quit (close window)
alt F4                  quit (close window)
ctrl w                  close tab
ctrl t                  new tab
ctrl n                  new action (usually opens a new window of the same program)

alt F4                  close current window (same as X button)
alt F7                  move window, then use arrow keys or mouse to move
alt F8                  resize window
                            first arrow key you press selects window side
                            subsequent arrow keys you press resize the window
                            ENTER to accept resize changes , ESC to undo changes
alt F9                  minimize current window
alt F10                 maximize / normalize window
alt F11                 toggle full screen (maximized program covers the taskbar too)
alt F12                 toggle window on top of others. Might not be the active window, but will still be on top

alt mouse R drag        resize window - hold ALT key and drag wind
... show more

In the meantime I came to the conclusion that this problem ist caused by a combination of using the mouse and the build in TouchPad (or touching it by accident when using the mouse), the last time it helped to disconnect the USB mouse and reconnect it again.

So what should I know before I start setting up #NextCloud, is there any tips? Should I consider #OwnCloud at all? Is there still any compatibility between the both? #Linux

In NC the commercial plugins like ldap-support are reinplemended and doesnt cost money. Also Nextcloud contributors own their code contributions not like Owncloud contributors.

@heynmoeller if you like have a look over here, there were some good comments coming from Mastodon too (which you can't see on Diaspora).

Thank you now Ive seen the comments from the Owncloud people.
Did you see the video?
#Nextcloudpi makes the setup, tweaking and maintenance really easy. I still recommend to have look for the scripts.

A friend asked me what I think about the #Librem 13" notebook and now I wonder if one would want to use #Purism on it or would use #Ubuntu or similar instead.

I mean the idea with the hardware design is good, not sure how "open" the HW actually is, but why would one want to use a different #Linux at all? Why not use the OS you're used to? I mean for many cases I like to use #Mint or #Ubuntu (headless server version) anyway, so why bother to dig into Purism at all?

Suggestions, ideas and opinions welcome! Anyone using one of the laptops?

Why Purism makes PureOS:
1) It's free from any proprietary software, that you might find on other distros: binary firmware blobs for kernel drivers, flash player, unrar, steam, opera browser, and so on. That's their main selling point.
2) Purism officially supports only their PureOS. It makes their customer support easier.

Why I bought Librem 15: Because I like the idea from the first point. Especially about the hardware drivers.

Why I use openSUSE:
- Because I'm most familiar with it.
- Because I'm experienced Linux user, so I can fix problems I might have.
- Because I'm still pragmatic. For example one of my government websites still relies on flash for filling out forms.

@Adam Mizerski thanks for the feedback. I see the point. So you did briefly use PureOS, but now only use Suse on it?

I did not dig into that, but I assume they are using common hardware that reached their set bars/limits and hence I also assume that this HW will work under any other OS as the drivers will be available for Linux in general.
But that is just my idea, maybe I am wrong.

So you did briefly use PureOS, but now only use Suse on it?
Yes, but actually no. I did boot it up from a usb stick, to test some things, but I ordered without any OS and installed openSUSE directly.
I did not dig into that, but I assume they are using common hardware that reached their set bars/limits and hence I also assume that this HW will work under any other OS as the drivers will be available for Linux in general.
But that is just my idea, maybe I am wrong.
You are right. They use commonly available parts, that are well supported by Linux. So you can use any distro and you won't need to install any drivers.

There is one exception: bluetooth (which is integrated with wifi card) requires binary blob to operate, which is available in "linux-firmware" package. Purism officially does not support that and on the product page you won't find bluetooth listed. They are looking for someone to write an open-source driver though (

@Adam Mizerski cool, thanks for explaining.

Why does the "(" trigger an error in my script?

echo "%admins ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" > /etc/sudoers.d/10-admins


OK, I am pretty sure it is not that line. I did not find a fault with shellchecker, the script is too long for me to work further manually.
Thanks for the help.

I am not comfortable to post the whole script, it is not written by me, my friend who wrote it does not have the time to check at the moment.

assuming there is something wrong with the quote echo "... you have to search upward quotes from this line and control if the other quote is ok.

Can someone tell me an easy to use, safe and confirmed to work tool for #Windows 10 to create a USD boot stick of a #Linux distro installer image?

Live Linux USB Creator is another option for Windows. This app provides support for multiple distros.

@William Ellerbe I used to use that, but it is not easy to use and got anoying to in the way it will always personalize the created usb stick, the partitions are kind of hard to remove on a windows computer.

Universal USB Installer

How can I hide behind a #nginx proxy that is reached via The problem is, the webpage usually accessible thought does some rewrite stuff (Apache) and it will always rewrite to

I mean there must be a solution for this, I just don't happen to find it and am not sure how it is called to search for it.

So basically people should be able to reach which will request webpageB and will forward it through nginx. I assume that is possible.


Can send mail with:
echo -e "Subject: Test Mail\r\n\r\nThis is a test mail" |msmtp --debug -t

as root and as some other user, but Wordpress can not send mail.

I have set in php.ini:
sendmail_path = "/usr/bin/msmtp -C /etc/msmtprc -t"
smtp_port = 25
SMTP = localhost

I have no idea what is the problem, Wordpress just does not send email. Maybe there is some other setting preventing this? Anyone know what changed in #Arch #Linux standard config lately, it is working on couple of other systems with similar configuration but not on this newer date setup?

@Georgi Naplatanov I tried that too, so just set Sendmail path doesn't word either.

Is port 25 actually open (netstat -an | grep 25 | less)?

Hello @utzer. We are speaking of zsh, one of the best terminals that I have ever seen for the Linux platform.
Sample of Oh My Zsh

@William A Ellerbe yes, it is pretty nice one, standard bash syntax combined with lots of nice features.
I am always looking for a nice configuration, one problem I have is "home" button in my current config is not working, to complicated to explain I guess.

I just leave my config here, maybe someone can help with that particular #zsh problem.
The problem came with that history completion up and down arrow I think.

cat .zshenv 

cat .zshrc
# Set up the prompt

autoload -Uz promptinit
prompt adam1

setopt histignorealldups sharehistory

# Use emacs keybindings even if our EDITOR is set to vi
#bindkey -e

# Keep 1000 lines of history within the shell and save it to ~/.zsh_history:

# Use 
... show more

Hello @utzer. Per your message, I will attempt to spend more time with zsh. Along the way I plan to use Markdown to document my experience along the way.

I think #Arch just released the #linux 5.x kernel, did an update 2 hours ago and it was some 4.x kernel, did an update 20 minutes ago and it showed a 5.x kernel. I stopped the update, it's for a server I do not was to mess up right now.

From my 15+ year experience, a relatively normal kernel update (4.20 and 5.0 are not some breaking change) are really low risk for commodity hardware, especially COTS server hardware, and entirely safe.

There's no special significance for the change from 4.x to 5.x. Linux Torvalds just "ran out of fingers and toes to count on".
I kid you not.
So nothing to worry about, go ahead as you would with any other kernel update.

@Russ O thanks, I will keep that in mind.

No matter how I put it in the patterns of #borgbackup it always complains about some stuff in /proc, but in the patterns I have
- /proc
- /proc/*
I don't get it.

@Adam Clark something like this:
E /proc/12995/task/12995/fd/3
/proc/12995/task/12995/fdinfo/3: stat: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/proc/12995/task/12995/fdinfo/3'
E /proc/12995/task/12995/fdinfo/3
/proc/12995/fd/3: stat: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/proc/12995/fd/3'
E /proc/12995/fd/3
/proc/12995/fdinfo/3: stat: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/proc/12995/fdinfo/3'
E /proc/12995/fdinfo/3

OK, from what I can gather, it appears you're likely going to want your /proc omission to begin with a ! and be toward the top of the list:
! /proc

It seems to me what you could have could still allow for matching beneath /proc
That's what I would try anyway.

@Adam Clark I am not even sure what the exclamation mark does, I only know plus and minus for the patterns file. Need to check in the manual again, but the patterns file is not described in detail, so I guess the operator is not described as well.

Sorry, I had tabs open with references to the part of the docs and forgot to drop even one in.


The section down the page bordered with red & white stripes covers it. (The other pages I had open were the man pages on other sites... same info.)