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Did anyone ever have #Digikam running on two (or more) computers with a synchronized database/config?

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I tried it for a time. Seemed to work ok as long as the paths to the photos were exactly the same

@Nate Bohman I have the same path on both machines and the photos are synchronized, same username and the folder is the home folder. So it should work.

Any problems that you can remember?

Nothing seemed to break or act oddly, just that one caveat that I recall

I wonder why everyone around #Trump is lying? Just a bad choice of companions?

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it sounds like that's his "business model" though sometimes it's not easy to decide whether he's just boasting or outright lying

Does anyone know there exactly this is of how to find out easily?

I was wondering if this on the left in the valley is a fracking site?

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Dein "Link" spuckt mir "Öffentlicher Zugriff verweigert"...

Habs gerade noch mal im inkognito probiert und es geht.
Dieser Link:

My little cousin asked me if I could help him to setup Windows 10 on his computer, it is already running #Windows 10, but he wants to have fresh installation and change some things too. So I said "sure I can" but I never installed a Windows 10.
I think he got a Windows 10 DVD and a COA sticker.

What is the obstacles I will face?

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If he already has Windows 10 installed, there's no need for a DVD. You can just reset the existing version of Windows. Press the Windows key plus the I key (the letter after H) to open the Settings. Click Update & Security, and then click Recovery. You'll find the Reset this PC at the top of the window. There's also a useful link at the bottom of the window, 'Learn how to start afresh with a clean installation of Windows'. Which way you go depends on why he wants a fresh installation.

I fixed a Windows Laptop a few month ago and I ran into trouble with UEFI, basically it wouldn't let me access the old Windows install after I had booted from USB (and you needed some password, I think it somehow relates to syskey, whatever that might be), but I suppose if you want to do a full reinstall that won't be a problem.

Also, by default Windows tracks everything and uploads passwords to the cloud, so you might want to read all the dialogues and opt out of a bunch of stuff after installing Windows. Oh, and you don't need an account with Microsoft to use Windows, it's just slightly more inconvenient to set up without one.

I am not #newhere, but what are some interesting #hashtags to follow?

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Filtered word: nsfw


@Andreas vom Zwenkauer See ich hab das jetzt mal abonniert, mal sehen was auf dem Tag los ist wenn der übers Relay hier eintrifft.

Can anyone #help me with some #Tor problem?

I can reach but not via Tor, both are my pages.

How can I find out why the later one is not reached?


Thanks for the help.

Probably a bad circuit. Tor can be flaky.

If you try to add a new contact in #Friendica and you have #uBlock active with the Fanboys lists it provides activated it won't work. So following another user/feed will not work, I tried to understand why.

Can anyone explain this to me?


Any ideas?

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uBlock Origin? Under the enable/disabled button there are 4 buttons. The third one opens the logger, where you can see blocked and allowed requests. You have to open the logger before loading the page, otherwise it is empty.

Maybe that helps.

I should have tried it that way, I do not use the list, someone brought this to my attention, so I looked in the list and tried to figure out why it blocks something in the process of adding a new contact. Thanks, will have look.

What i wanted to say: why not a simple Notebook or "Netbook"?

Very low maintenance and very easy to use for a 70+ years old person coming from Windows 10.

Getting a used thinkpad or other notebook and installing chromeOS or another browser-centric distro wouldn't achieve a similar effect?

Yeah, that is considered "high maintenance", at least initially, but I might just install Xubuntu on the old Laptop and it might actually be usable for another few years.

Hello and a big


to everyone new to diaspora\*

We've seen a big spike in new members signing up to diaspora\* pods in the past couple of days. It's fantastic that you've joined us!

Here's a few tips for getting started:
  • There are some
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Is there a query URL for #WordPress that will just show me the posts of the last few days, for example 30 days? #question

Is there a query URL for #WordPress that will just show me the posts of the last few days, for example 30 days? #question

Why can't all #mobile providers offer some prepaid plan without longterm commitment that includes possibilities to pay per gigabyte or per minute? Something easy to use. #question

Then they should just charge the amount they want to earn, but not even then there is such plans. I just want to buy GB at a reasonable price and not bother about adding packages, finding out how to do so. I just want to buy the sim card, recharge some money and use data. I do not ask for cheap or low price data, they can still offer packages if they like that are cheaper.

I agree, but they want to hook you against their services for the longest time possible, so hence the sticky contracts and commitments...

Pay as you go should be the norm, no strings attached, and possibility of cash on site, but alas, we all are trapped inside the data economy.

I agree, maybe we need to put some force on that topic, maybe the EU can do that.

Anyone any tip how I can find some information about minimum #current and #voltage necessary to have an auxiliary contact of a #breaker conducting? It seems there must be some minimum as for having a conduction of a small contact. #engineer #electrical #control #question

@Utzer If the contact is working right, resistance should be close to 0 when triggered.

Can you share a bit more about the situation?

It is an auxiliary contact of a breaker, something that can switch voltages of 220 V I guess, I have to look into the datasheet of the breaker to find that out. But however, GE said that there is a minimum current that hast to be flowing, I studies electrical engineering, but never encountered anything like a minimum current. So then I thought I'd read a bit about that, but I couldn't find anything online, mainly because I don't know what to search for I assume.

The contact resistance should be low, it is a 24V signaling voltage that is switched by the aux. contact and the digital input of the control reading the signal is consuming 6mA (according to our specification I think).

@Utzer Any luck finding the part info or manual on this one?

The manual did just have some information about the maximum current for these contact depending on the voltage of the signal, maximum 1A for 220Vdc.

@Utzer That sounds reasonable, but still doesnt address the minimum. Min still smells like BS to me, but Ive been wrong before.

Yeah it does for me too, but the goal is to fulfill that "requirement" to proof it does not solve the contact problem. We have same setup in many other cases, but here we have a problem.

For some reason "adb sideload" stops at 43%, it just hangs and does not continue. On the #tablet is shows the info in the photo. Installing from local storage of the device also stops.


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Why opengapps ? For those who do not want Google -> microG

that is basically my proposal., but so,etimes for paod apps gapps may be needed

Can anyone tell me where #Orbot stores the keys and hidden service files?

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@utzer ✓
La posizione dell'archivio protetto dipende dalla versione di Android e di OrBot, controlla l'albero dei sorgenti.