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I got a couple of AVI file I want to convert to AAC/MP4, the source is mono and some other MPEG and I want them to play on modern Android phone (the AVIs don't play), so I cam up with this:

find . -type f -name "*.AVI"|while read file; do echo "working on ${file}";ffmpeg -i "${file}" -c:v libx264 -c:a aac -b:a 64k "${file/AVI}mp4" -hide_banner && mv "${file}" "alt_${file}" ; done;

It seems something is wrong there, it somehow trips and then output the file to console... lots of jibberish shows up.

Any idea? I am too tired to see it.

#Linux #help #ffmpeg

Recently, I had problems with a similar find-pipe-while-construction. I ended up using find's ability to execute a command on every file found instead of using an extra loop.

@Millesimus good tip as well, should use that more often.

it looks good and it works as expected to me...

I am looking for a new Server, specs should be similar to this:

* EU/CH location, close to Germany, countries around DE should be fine
* 2 x 1 TB SSD Raid 1
* 64 GB RAM
* Bandwidth 1 GBit/s
* Traffic 2 TB or more
* Debian/Arch unmodified minimal installation

What else should I watch out for?

#Server #IT #help

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@Steffen K9 🐰 hattest du neulich nicht ne neue Kiste gebucht?

@Steffen K9 🐰 em ja, war auch meine aktuelle Wahl, 20€ mehr, dafür SSD NVMe als das was ich jetzt habe, ich habe nie damit gerechnet, dass meine Friendica Server so IO fressend sind.


Auf dem Ding laufen aktuell 3x Friendica + 1x Hubzilla + 1x Friendica Directory. Average Load ist bei 2,3 (19%) und average Disk Utilization ist bei <1%.

@Steffen K9 🐰 ja, dass hört sich gut an, wobei ich wahrscheinlich schlechtere Werte habe, auf meinem laufen gerade 13 VMs, Friendica frisst die meisten Ressourcen, aber der Rest sind auch nur einfache Webserver und nen paar spezielle Dienste, die glaube ich alle auch recht wenig Ressourcen verbrauchen, bzw. auch nur wenig Ressourcen zugewiesen haben.

Naja, das liegt ja in der Natur der Sache... 😉 Im Social Network werden halt permanent Daten ausgetauscht und Friendica speichert ja wohl das meiste lokal zwischen. Das muss ja irgendwo bleiben. Je groesser der Server, desto mehr IO entsteht.

Ich denke, dass man nun Zeugs nun aus der DB in ein lokales Storage verlagern kann, ist schonmal ein guter Schritt in die richtige Richtung.
Ich sage ja nicht, dass mein Server derzeit irgendwie an seine Resourcen stoesst, aber wenn man sich vorstellt, wie ein Friendica Server aussehen muesste, der statt 1150 Usern (wovon ca. 250 in den letzten 4 Wochen aktiv waren) die User-Zahlen von Mastodon haette (335.000 User, davon fast 58.000 jeden Monat aktiv), dann sind das ganz andere Zahlen, bei denen ich Zweifel habe, dass ein einzelner Server dafuer ausreicht.

Mehrere Webserver (Load Balancing), mehrere Storage Server (vielleicht per Redis?) und ein entsprechend leistungsfaehiges DB-Backend.

Die grosse Frage ist auf der anderen Seite natuerlich: ist es das Ziel von Friendica, solch grosse Nodes haben zu wollen? I... show more

Wie gesagt, (btw, das andere war hatte das durcheinandergewürfelt) hat halt nen hichverfügbarkeits CEPH cluster:
redundant HA storage pool

redundant host servers

adaptive load balancing in the cluster

faulttolerant ECC RAM

SSD cached Storage

Intel Xeon >=2.5 GHz CPUs
Das ssd cached glaub ich ihm auch sofort ... lahm isses nicht .. im gegeneil. ;)
Spannenderweise, les ich zufällig grad, geht bei ihm auch nested-kvm ... mensch kann also ggf nochmal eigene virtuelle maschinen einrichten.... humm. ;)

@hackbyte ja, hört sich auch gut an, aber da würde ich viel mehr zahlen als ich mit meinem eigenen Server zahle, der Vorteil beim eigenen Server ist, dass meine Dienste alle darauf laufen und die Ressourcen komplett geteilt werden, dadurch brauche ich nicht für jeden Dienst für die Peaks die Ressourcen vorhalten, sondern nur insgesamt.

I can't get #borgback, with patterns, to

include the folder
+ /home/user/.application/folder1

and exclude all other folders within
- /home/user/.application/*

What do I have to put in the patters to get this working?

#linux #help

what is borgback? and why do you try to include a dot dir from /home?

@hackbyte missed the "up", it was supposed to be #borgbackup. I want to include some files from that hidden directory in my backup.

it doesn't work the other way around as well, it always includes all files in the /home/user/.application folder.

From time to time I happen to press some button/key in #Linux with #Xfce and then the mouse does funny things, like scrolling when I move it (have this right now) or last time it was selecting text when I just moved it.
Right now the USB wireless mouse is off, so it is the TouchPad, when I move one finger over it it will scroll. Maybe it is defect and detects two fingers moving?
Often the only solution is a reboot. I have no clue what causes this behavior.

Maybe this helps:
windows and tabs

ctrl q                  quit (close window)
alt F4                  quit (close window)
ctrl w                  close tab
ctrl t                  new tab
ctrl n                  new action (usually opens a new window of the same program)

alt F4                  close current window (same as X button)
alt F7                  move window, then use arrow keys or mouse to move
alt F8                  resize window
                            first arrow key you press selects window side
                            subsequent arrow keys you press resize the window
                            ENTER to accept resize changes , ESC to undo changes
alt F9                  minimize current window
alt F10                 maximize / normalize window
alt F11                 toggle full screen (maximized program covers the taskbar too)
alt F12                 toggle window on top of others. Might not be the active window, but will still be on top

alt mouse R drag        resize window - hold ALT key and drag wind
... show more

In the meantime I came to the conclusion that this problem ist caused by a combination of using the mouse and the build in TouchPad (or touching it by accident when using the mouse), the last time it helped to disconnect the USB mouse and reconnect it again.

What could that triangle (on the marked IC) at the input mean if the circle on the AND in the top is a inverter?
#Electronic #Elektronik #Technology #help

Some pointed me in the correct direction, but I failed to realize it until someone on Twitter pointed it out again.

It is the rising edge symbol, so the input just reacts to the rising edge for > and to the falling edge for < and to both (falling/rising) if there is >< on the input.

The D flipflop was actually a good hint, it typically has the > on the clock input.

Thanks to all that helped!

Does anyone know there exactly this is of how to find out easily?

I was wondering if this on the left in the valley is a fracking site?

#help #question

Dein "Link" spuckt mir "Öffentlicher Zugriff verweigert"...

Habs gerade noch mal im inkognito probiert und es geht.
Dieser Link:

Is there a way to mount a #borgbackup on another computer by specifying the encryption key? I want to retrieve a file from it and got the key, but I can not figure out how to specify the key it should use to mount the repo.

#Linux #Help

Also found this in borg man :
Environment Variables
Default to '~/.config/borg/keys'. This directory contains keys for encrypted repositories.

When set, use the given filename as repository key file.

I need a simcard cutter to cut a simcard to nano size. #35C3 #help #Hilfe

Thanks for the replys, will look for the POC.

I would like to use a DIN A3 printer at the #35c3 to print 4 pages. Anyone can with that #help?

@utzer Digitalcourage ist da ein guter Ansprechpartner 😀

My little cousin asked me if I could help him to setup Windows 10 on his computer, it is already running #Windows 10, but he wants to have fresh installation and change some things too. So I said "sure I can" but I never installed a Windows 10.
I think he got a Windows 10 DVD and a COA sticker.

What is the obstacles I will face?

#Help #Question #Brainstorming

If he already has Windows 10 installed, there's no need for a DVD. You can just reset the existing version of Windows. Press the Windows key plus the I key (the letter after H) to open the Settings. Click Update & Security, and then click Recovery. You'll find the Reset this PC at the top of the window. There's also a useful link at the bottom of the window, 'Learn how to start afresh with a clean installation of Windows'. Which way you go depends on why he wants a fresh installation.

I fixed a Windows Laptop a few month ago and I ran into trouble with UEFI, basically it wouldn't let me access the old Windows install after I had booted from USB (and you needed some password, I think it somehow relates to syskey, whatever that might be), but I suppose if you want to do a full reinstall that won't be a problem.

Also, by default Windows tracks everything and uploads passwords to the cloud, so you might want to read all the dialogues and opt out of a bunch of stuff after installing Windows. Oh, and you don't need an account with Microsoft to use Windows, it's just slightly more inconvenient to set up without one.

Hat hier jemand einen Zweitaccount bei Diaspora auf und kann mal eben probieren ob der Login noch funktioniert, ich komme nicht mehr rein und PW Reset geht auch nicht. #Help #Diaspora

Ja ist langsam, ich weiß auch nicht wo der Flaschenhals ist. 😕
Der JD Sidekiq ist ein bisschen überfordert. Mit der mail einfach ein bisschen geduld haben 😀

es ging darum, dass utzers instanz langsam ist. nicht jd.

I am not #newhere, but what are some interesting #hashtags to follow?

#help #question

Filtered word: nsfw


@Andreas vom Zwenkauer See ich hab das jetzt mal abonniert, mal sehen was auf dem Tag los ist wenn der übers Relay hier eintrifft.

Can anyone #help me with some #Tor problem?

I can reach but not via Tor, both are my pages.

How can I find out why the later one is not reached?


Thanks for the help.

Probably a bad circuit. Tor can be flaky.

Ein Forum für #neuhier und #newhere, folgt mal @NewHere Forum

Ich denke das könnte man eventuell auch für die #Fragen neuer Nutzer verwenden, statt @Friendica Support könnte man neue Nutzer mit wenig technischen Fragen dorthin verweisen, Nutzer helfen Nutzern und wenn es technisch wird oder Richtung Entwicklung geht dann wird wieder an @Friendica Support verwiesen.

A forum for #newhere and #neuhier, please follow @NewHere Forum

I think this could also be used for #questions of new users, all not so technical questions could be discussed there. Users could help users and if it gets to technical or goes towards development then we can send people over to @Friendica Support where the more complicated problems are discussed.

#help #hilfe #Friendica #Fediverse #DeleteFacebook

"It doesn't let me follow the group/forum. Why is this?"

Do you see the "Connect" Button and what happens if you click it?
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Search for @ (with the @ in one thing) in the top of Friendica and connect via that way.

Also explain how you tried and what happens, otherwise we can not improve Friendica.

Hello and a big


to everyone new to diaspora\*

We've seen a big spike in new members signing up to diaspora\* pods in the past couple of days. It's fantastic that you've joined us!

Here's a few tips for getting started:
  • There are some
... show more

For some reason "adb sideload" stops at 43%, it just hangs and does not continue. On the #tablet is shows the info in the photo. Installing from local storage of the device also stops.


#Android #TWRP #flash #AOSP #Question #help #adb #sideload

Why opengapps ? For those who do not want Google -> microG

that is basically my proposal., but so,etimes for paod apps gapps may be needed

Interesting thought about #Tails and the #locale setting.

If you use #Tails, you should only change your #keyboard #layout and nothing else.

Most non English speaking users change the language and with it automatically the keyboard layout and formats. This isn't good because #English is #international standard. Most little countries use the U.S. software without any #localization. So English is the most common group on the #Internet and if you use Tails, you should be a part of this group. It is harder to track the most common group because of the quantity. If you set your #browser to your local #language, the #web servers would track this #setting.

For the nerds under you:

Your browser #header should always look like this:
Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5
#knowledge #anonymous #anonymity #help #configuration #surfing #security #privacy #tricks #Linux #darknet #TOR #onion